8th Pole & Friend´s

No Limits

Polecamp Rosenheim

24.-26. April 2020




Now we organize the camp for the 8th time in Rosenheim/Germany. So far we have always enjoyed booked-out events. Great instructors, great students a great time! Come and be part of it!

- Workshops

- Poleshopping Aeria

- Photoshooting

- Bar with drinks and snacks

- Community & a lot of fun!

Pole & Friend´s <3




16:00 -19:30

Photoshootings (white background) Cooperation @atelierrosenheim @stefan_photo_media_design


10:00   Studio open

10:30 - 11:30 WORKSHOP Olga Baidyuk
Exotic Choreo
All levels
Sensual choreography with transitions. You will learn how to make beautiful body lines and how to fill the space around you. We dance in knee pads and high heels. (If you do not have high heels or just don’t feel like putting them on, I encourage you to wear your sexiest socks and come to dance with me! ☺)

11:45 - 12:45 WORKSHOP Olga Baidyuk
Exotic trick&combo
Intermediate/ Advanced
This workshop is mainly focused on proper technique of performing upper intermediate and advanced exotic tricks and transitions.

13:15 -14:45 WORKSHOP Stephanie Hoza
Signature Illusion Tricks
In this class I will show you my all time favorite illusional tricks on pole.
You don´t need much flexibility to look bendy. ;)
From intermediate Level and up.  

15:00 - 16:00 WORKSHOP Doris Arnold
Pole Signature
This workshop was created in order to teach you Doris´s style through tricks, spins, and combos of her own creation. Come and take on the challenge, doris will guide you to master all her tricks as perfectly as she does. Intermediate/ Advanced

16:15 - 17:15 WORKSHOP Doris Arnold
Pole Exotic
A very sexy choreo and acrobatics class in which Doris doesn´t teach „russian style“ Exotic but rather develops her very own sensual, fluid and hypnotizing style. She will teach you all her secrets! Level: Intermediate and up! Bring a sexy outfit, platform shoes and knee pads. ​


09:50    Studio open

10:00 - 10:30 GOOD MORNING STRETCH V-Gym Teacher

10:45 - 11:45 WORKSHOP Doris Arnold
Pole like a stripper
A sexy chore class with the pole but no tricks wich is solely devoted to the sensual side of pole. Bring your heels, your sexiest outfit and you’ll love it! Even the very beginners will feel comfortable thanks to Doris´s methods. ​ All levels!

12:00 - 13:00 WORKSHOP Doris Arnold
Pole ultimate
This workshop will help you to understand how strength tricks work: flags, planks, deadlifts, handsprings,… as well as teach you safe exercises to work on them. This is an all level class as Doris also offers tricks and exercises for students of all levels.

13:10 - 14:10 WORKSHOP Olga Baidyuk
Siganture Pole Tricks & Combos
Here I show you my favorite tricks & combos  on the pole! Learn it too! Level from intermediate and up! ​

14:20 - 15:50 WORKSHOP Stefphanie Hoza
Dynamic Pole Combos & Transitions
Here I will show you my favorite flowy pole combos and how to combinate different tricks in a beautiful dynamic way. It gets energetic and fun!
From intermediate Level and up.



Single Class


Pac 1

3 Workshops incl.


Pac 2

5 Workshops incl. + good morning stretch


Pac 3

8 Workshops incl. + good morning stretch


Pac 4

Fotoshooting (3 Pics incl./ 20 Min.)

All Workshops incl. + good morning stretch


Fotoshooting (white background)

20 Min €99,90 / 3 Pics incl.

30 Min €129,90 / 5 Pics incl.

45 Min €169,90 / 10 Pics incl.

If you want more, every extra pic costs €19,90. Tax incl.



Bildbearbeitung/Retusche @atelierrosenheim


Fotografie/ Technik @stefan_photo_medien_design

Hotel Tipp:

B&B Hotel Rosenheim

Next to the Studio & next to the train station!


CONTACT  Booking?


For any inquiries, questions or bookings:


Verticals Gym

Samerstraße 12, 83022 Rosenheim

E-Mail: info@verticalsgym.de




2016 Verticals Gym Rosenheim, Christina Spiller USt ID: DE301302393, Finanzamt Rosenheim

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